About CTS

Chesapeake Tree Services was born in the summer of 2015 when Drew Ransone decided to separate the tree removal division of his family's landscaping company. 

"As Ransone's Nursery continued to grow, the tree removal side was becoming too much to take care of in addition to the other responsibilities of the landscaping company," said Ransone. "We had this service through Ransone's for 40 years but I felt it was time to give the tree services division more support, which is why I decided to break away from the family business and launch Chesapeake Tree Services."

While building the tree company, Drew realized he needed a crane to deliver the high level of service he was seeking to provide. "For years, my family worked with a local crane company and developed a great relationship with its operator. As it turns out, they were interested in getting out of the business, so it was the perfect opportunity to combine the two companies together to create CTS." 

Chesapeake Tree Services specializes in large take-downs, and having the crane makes this extremely fast and efficient. Other services include tree trimming, stump grinding and crane rentals.


Our Crane

Our crane is a Linkbelt 75-ton hydraulic crane with a 115' telescoping boom - the largest in our area! No job is out of reach.

Our crane services are not limited to tree jobs. It is available for rent for various lifting jobs. We have moved cargo boxes, set house trusses, lifted contractors into high areas to complete work, set beams, set hot tubs in yards and over houses... basically any lift you can think of, we have done or can do. 

With our crane comes a professional operator with over 40 years of experience. His operation skills are unmatched by anyone in this area. His precision can reach trees in even the toughest of areas, and he can solve any problem that may come up.